TechSnap War Story

Ep Title Shownote   War Story Link Contributor Lenght
5 Allan Goes to War Shownote   Datacenter power outage Youtube Link Allan 11:54
6 Backups & Server Hardware Shownote   No means none, not even a little bit Youtube Link Allan 05:02
7 Let’s Go Phishing Shownote   When production and test network don't play nice Youtube Link Chris 10:36
Hijacking the News
Shownote   When it goes wrong, it goes very wrong Youtube Link StayFrosty 03:19
10 Encryption Best Practices Shownote   First live war story call Youtube Link Ben ( 06:03
23 Ultimate Home Router Shownote   Edge routers problem Youtube Link Allan 08:46
33 Stuffed War Stories Shownote   Administering a Windows server with your eyes closed Youtube Link Allan 08:55
36 Simulated Cyber War Shownote   Allan’s rm -rf / war story Youtube Link Allan 10:56
37 Future SSL Shownote   “What’s the worst that could happen” Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 14:24
43 DHCP Attacks Shownote   DHCP rogue server Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 17:35
44 Server Room Fire Shownote   Server Room Fire Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 16:36
45 First Day Fail Shownote   First Day Fail (at a call center) Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 14:26
46 Email Constipation Shownote   Longest support call... ever! Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 24:18
47 NASA Hacked 5,400 Times? Shownote   Battery out in space Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 06:44
48 Federal Bureau of Lulz Shownote   Microsoft miss more than just a leap day (1996) Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 15:27
49 Amazon’s Secrets Shownote   Not covered by warranty (aka The keyboard problem) Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 06:03
51 Global Blackout a Hoax Shownote   When kids attack Youtube Link Irish_Darkshadow 20:08
52 Extreme WiFi Makeover Shownote   Extreme WiFi Makeover by the IETF Youtube Link News ( 11:22
54 "Exaggerated Cybercrime" Shownote   Mike's own IBM war story (+mini war story from Chris) Youtube Link Mike 08:14